12 August 2022- Under a clear blue sky, surrounded by verdant mountains, the gleaming river, the sound of gushing water, and hundreds of onlookers from local to foreign tourists, three villages gathered at the Nunhipukana to perform the Punnuk, the last of 3-part post-harvest rituals, collectively called as huowah. Marching from the East, the South-West, and North-West in a single file, Hapao, Baang, and Nungulunan respectively trod their way amidst lush green in their vibrant red-colored attire carrying their own pakid and kina-ag adorned with dongla leaves (Cordyline fructicosa) taunting gaily at each other. The playfully jeer continue to fill the air as excitement heightens with the 3 communities trying to overcome each other in the tugging ritual of a purposely uncompetitive nature.

Know more about Punnuk, a tugging ritual held in Hungduan that marks the end as well as the beginning of a new agricultural cycle: https://hungduan.gov.ph/punnuk-the-tugging-ritual-in-hungduan-closing-an-agricultural-cycle/