8 September 2022 – A total of 23 accredited Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) participated in the initiative to create the Local People’s Council in the Municipality in a meeting earlier this morning at the Heritage Village, Namugong, Poblacion, Hungduan, Ifugao. The participating CSOs expressed their interest to join the respective local special bodies in line with the organization’s vision and mission.

Moving forward, the People’s Council, once created, shall file a petition for recognition to the Sanggunian Bayan. The Sanggunian, in turn, shall issue a Certificate of Recognition to the People’s Council within 30 days from the filing of a petition for recognition and pass a resolution stating the rights and privileges of the recognized People’s Council.

The People’s Council may elect among themselves their representatives to all local government bodies, boards, councils, committees, task forces, special government bodies, and other similar workgroups which the local government or national laws may create. The Council, however, is prohibited from engaging in partisan politics and shall adopt measures to ensure that it is adequately shielded from any political partisanship or influence.

 All CSOs are recognized as independent and autonomous self-help organizations and are encouraged to organize into formal cooperatives, interest groups, and non-governmental organizations, among others to pursue their legitimate purposes and objectives as shrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. #