Political History

The historical development of Lubu-ong can be traced as far as 1918, when the political administrative division of Ifugao consists of the Municipality of Banaue, Kiangan and Mayoyao. Barangays Lubu-ong, Hapao, Bokiawan and Nungulunan were under the Municipality of Banaue. It was on January 19, 1983 under the Batas Pambansa Bilang 327 that these four barangays were transferred from Banaue to Hungduan.

Geographical Location

Lubu-ong is located northwest of Hungduan with 19 kilometers approximately from Poblacion, Hungduan and 10 kilometers from the Western part of San Fernando, Banaue, Ifugao. It is bounded on the south by Barangay Bokiawan, Hungduan and on the North by Barangay Bayyo, Mt. Province.

Sitios of Barangay Lubu-ong

Abubuli Dalipe Lubuong(South) Mohngol
Annayo Gangal Lummid Mt Polis
Ayangan Gumanab Maanam-am Patekkeng
Balat Kabaddungan Maumog Patugong
Bawi Kingu Magiwi Tao
Bung-u Lubu-ong(North)