26-27 November 2020 – The Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office (MSWDO) conducted a 2-day training, Child Development Workers and Parent Volunteer Leaders’ Enhancement Workshop at the Bureau of Fire Protection Office, Namugong, Poblacion. The workshop aimed to provide further guidance in the implementation of the Child Development Service (CDS) especially as the pandemic affected the delivery of government programs on early childhood education. The training was designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the child development workers and parent mentors in the delivery of the modules. Throughout the course of the 2 days, the participants engaged themselves with various activities such as role playing, reporting, identifying the gaps as well as the ways to improve and overcome the challenges they face in their respective daycare centers.

*The ECCD Council Advisory No.2 calls for Child Development Workers (CDW) and the Parent-Mentors to work together to develop home-based session plans aligned with the National Early Learning Curriculum -Learning Resources Packages (NELC-LRP).